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February 2011

Unprecedented "photo realism" Collection preserving lost America expressionism,consumer and corporate culture, folk art, still life, neon, street and urban art (1973-2011).
"the genius of this contemporary art collection is the artists transformation of universal symbolism to create extraordinary vintage art from life,"-Collector, Toronto, Canada, 1999
"When word fails us,symbols are the universal language to express the human condition and give meaning to life" Will Tucker, photo realist, 1974
                     "Modern Masters of Symbols-Making Art from Life"
 This one of a kind,fine art,photo documentary collection photographed over 28 years,43 states -95% of all images gone forever from American life and culture is available for purchase,exhibitions and collectors.
The Collection (1973-2010) preserves an unprecedented documentation
of Americana expressionism,consumer and corporate culture, commercial folk,art,neon,graffiti,urban street art and more.
Based upon worldwide sales,the Collection is now listed in leading art
collector resources,ARTPRICE and ArtNet-Artist: will tucker
Click here to see Worldwide Gallery on ArtNet 
Based upon worldwide sales the collection is now listed on leading,art collector resource,ArtPrice:
 The "signed" limited edition images from the black and white period (1973-1979 are especially "collectible."    Click here to See the Black and White Period:  
Billy Tucker, the collection curator
"We are pleased to have preserved  imagery from this unprecedented documentary collection from American life,consumer and corporate culture,commercial folk art -logg gone from American art."
See the popular,entertaining,coffee-table book at:
Tucker's work preserved Americana and may be more expansive than
Walker Evans,Diane Arbus,Bourke-White,Bill Owens,Eggleston,ManRay,Cartier-Bresson,Bernice-Abbott and other popular, fine art photographers.
His imagery is unique and intriguing in that it reflects many forms of
art styles and artistic expression including:
still life
pop art
photo realism
and much more.
The entire 300 image collection may be previewed at:     
Further Details: Please contact the Curator, Billy Tucker at 239 250.4920
                          "Tuck" Tucker
               Fine Art Photographer/Curator  
        tel: 239.250.4920 E:
  "historic fine art photography of Vintage Americana (1973-2010)

First surnametucker
Second surnamewilliam
Language english
Saturday, 06 August 2011
billy tucker william see worldwide Online gallery at fine art histoirc photography
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billy tucker william has added at the portfolio the work “Americana Fine Art
Tuesday, 01 March 2011
February 2011
billy tucker william has won with the work “Historc Art PhotographyCollection 1973-
Wednesday, 05 January 2011
billy tucker william has added at the portfolio the work “Historc Art PhotographyCollection 1973-
Luis Belli Castro
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