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The Earth - EMIL VELTCHEV, Bulgaria. Gateway to the Nation - ALFREDO LIONGOREN. Kiss - ADAM MARCIN LIPCZYNSKI, Poland. Dinner for One - DORJIN, Mongolia. The tree of Desire - LIEVE PRINS, Netherlands. Victory
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Art work
State: For sale
Title: Mokos
Price: 200€
Genre: Others
Style: Abstract
Type of artwork: Painting
Technique: Other
Dimensions:  40  40
Description: Mokosh was the Mother Goddess, the Great Goddess of the Pantheon. Mokosh worshipers gathered around breast-shaped large stones to pray and honour her. To these stones ancient spells of Fertility, Weather manipulation (especially rain which was considered the nurturing milk of Mokosh), Health and Life-&-Death spells took place. She was considered responsible for the Balance of Nature and amongst species. To dive into the mysteries of Nature, Mokosh is considered one of the most favoured to invoke! The adoration to Mokosh was and is so great that even when a team of archeologists in 19th century removed some Mokosh-stones in today's Ukraine, the unfortunate events that occurred were believed to happened because of the Goddess's wrath.
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Oscar Posada del Valle


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