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Walking onto the autumn - YOUNG MIN KIM, Korea. Dutch Gold - IWONA WITKIEWICZ, The Netherlands. Windy
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Evening - DEREJE ALEMU TAYE, Ethiopia. Movement - AHMAD KHAKNEGAR, The Netherlands. Color y Silencio
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Title: Walking onto the autumn - YOUNG MIN KIM, Korea.
Genre: Landscape
Style: Realistic
Type of artwork:
Description: The World Art Collection. 1001 Reasons to Love the Earth. 2000 Foundation, Netherlands. (c) Reasons To Love is © 2008 of 2000 Foundation.
July 2008
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Jon Glaser
Daniel Fishback
Blain Norman

Pablo Scioti
Artistic assistance ES
11/07/2008 13:40:01 GMT
Friday, 11 July 2008 10:40:01 ARGENTINA
Beautiful scenery, authentic personality pictorial, where cold and warm colors are combined with the play of colors Supplementary highlighting colors. The yellow and green light to operate by placing intuitively the shades of red and violets in the mountains of the fund. An original composition that move fraught with diagonal view of the expectations around the table and offset by peace visual delivery of both houses, and the flat nature plant in the foreground left, which slows the eye of expectations for the rest in Joint work ... exquisite color ... alongside the blue background of the Montani to the right, we embuelve a certain melancholy that contrasts with the light of the front ... like the colors. An artist of authentic personality pictorial. Pablo Scioti

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